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Ocean Creations is an asset management firm that specializes in the management of investment portfolios for selected Customers and mutual funds

Ocean CREATIONS asset management


Ocean Creations is an asset management firm that was founded in 2014 and licensed by the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) that specializes in the investment management for mutual funds and investment portfolios for selected customers.


Our investment managers present the knowledge, experience and proven track record required to  analyze and identify investment opportunities in the global markets. These expertises allow us to achieve excess returns for our customers while adjusting the appropriate level of risk.


In Ocean Creations, we understand and embrace the vast responsibility of managing our clients capital, and we work tirelessly to meet the highest industry standards. We value integrity, professionalism and excellence above all else.

Investment Philosophy


Our investment philosophy focuses on value investing and uses deep and fundamental research in order to identify well-managed, quality companies that are undervalued. In our opinion, these companies provide higher returns to their to shareholders over time.

We focus on businesses that are more predictable and better understood. We look for businesses  that have with high barriers to entry competition, market pricing power and that generate free cash flow. These type of businesses are expected to generate high returns on invested capital and economic value is not expected to be affected significantly due to market volatility or macro-economic factors.


When picking our investments, we try to seize temporary pricing opportunities due to market wide events, market failures or undervaluing a company's assets and future growth potential.

We use a structured, systematic and rigorous process of analysis and valuation and we set a high threshold to our criterias before we decide to enter a position. This thorough process reduces the level of risk associated with our investments.


Finally, our methodology to assess the financial and quality characteristics of a business, includes an ongoing dialogue with a company’s management, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Leading team

Maayan Amsalem - VP Investments

Dan Barcai - VP Marketing

Yaniv Aharon - President & CEO

Yaniv Aharon, CEO

Dan Barcai, Vice President of Marketing

Micahel Svetliz, Investment Manager

Elad Salomon, Head Of Equity In Israel

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